Getting Your Residential Roof Ready For Shingle Installation

Residential Roof

Getting Your Residential Roof Ready For Shingle InstallationThe day is finally here. You’re getting a new residential roof installed. You’ve chosen the roofing material. You picked a color. You’ve reviewed the total scope of all the work that is going to be performed. What else should you do to get ready? What should you be aware of about your roof installation process? The process involved with installing your new roof means that your home temporarily turns into a construction site. There are a number of steps that need to be taken to make sure that your home and your family are ready for a new roof installation.

Please be mindful of everything that will be used to do the work which your residential roof needs so it can be as close as possible to your home. That might require physical access to your driveway and yard. Every vehicle needs to get taken out of the driveway and then parked away from your home’s structure. Also, remove anything around the property perimeter that might limit the roof access.

All kids and pets either need to be kept safely indoors or even off the whole job site.

Materials are going to be coming off of the roof. They also might be present on your lawn prior to the final clean up. We make sure that every piece of debris gets removed once the roof is finished. In preparation, you might want to cover up all the valuables in your garage or attic, since debris and dust might enter into those spaces. Remember that you need to cut the power off to all of your roof attic fans.

Expect noise associated with the roof installation process. You’ll have noise from nails, hammers, and nail guns.

If you have a satellite dish mounted on top of your roof, you might have to move it in order to allow an appropriate installation.

Your job is going to get a final inspection courtesy of our field superintendent. He or she will make sure that any materials or debris remaining get removed from your property and that the roof installation is finished correctly.

If you have any questions during the entire process, be sure you contact Southern Star Roofing to get assistance right away. Give us a call today!

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