How to get Insurance Funding For After-Storm Damage To Your Roof

Insurance Funding

The summer season brings with it episodes of bad weather, unexpected rains and dangerous winds. Storms can be particularly fatal for your roof especially if you haven’t gotten it inspected or repaired for a long time. When the storm subsides, it’s time to take action. And that means estimating the magnitude of the repairs needed, filing your insurance funding claim and getting the necessary repairs done from a professional and licensed roofing company.

Steps to get insurance funding for your roofing repairs

Before picking up the phone to contact your insurance company, it’s important that you take pictures of your roof and all the damage that has been done. These pictures can be used as evidence in case of any discrepancies that may arise in the process of receiving your insurance funds.

Next, you should call your insurance company and file a claim. Your insurer will probably guide you through the next few steps involved in the process. This will include the company arriving at your location to perform the inspection. The insurance company will also take pictures as proof and produce an estimate of the repairs that you may need.

Once the insurance company has given you their estimate, it’s time to get one from a professional roofer. Do some research and hire a roofing contractor that you can trust – someone who is authorized to work and is qualified in his field. The roofer will give you his estimate – this may be more or less than the estimate given by the insurance company. When it’s more (and that happens quite often!), you’ll need to bring both parties together and work on an understanding. It’s entirely possible that the insurance company might have left out something during their inspection.

Once the estimate has been finalized, you need to send your insurance company a copy of the estimate given by the roofing company in Charlotte along with their license. Some companies will give you the option of pre-partial payment which is great and can work in your favor. Alternatively, your insurer might also give you an initial insurance claim number.

After the funds have been received, it’s time to begin the repairs. The full payment will be done after the repairing process has been completed.

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