Full Roof Restorations


What is the Best Option for Homeowners?

For property owners, they either need a roof restoration or a replacement eventually. The question is, which one is the best option in Greenville, SC? See what Southern Star Roofing has to say about them below. Then, contact us to handle your job next.

Dry Weather

It’s hard to finish a new roof during the rainy season. That is why you see many roof restoration jobs performed in the spring. While it could be possible to install them during other months, spring is the easiest. Make sure you schedule us ahead of time so you don’t have to wait.

Expensive Replacements

Replacing a roof lasts longer, but it isn’t always necessary. Roof restoration is often the faster and cheaper alternative. We also reuse a lot of the same materials, so it’s also eco-friendly. You can have about 15 years added to your roof’s lifespan through refurbishing.

Fire Damage

When your home is damaged by fire, time isn’t your friend. Once it’s safe, you should have your roof serviced. Otherwise, you could face a long battle addressing your damaged roofline. Hire Southern Star Roofing for reliable roof replacement services.

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