Five Signs your Roof Needs Repair


Your roof is one of the areas you’re likely to ignore or rather not pay much attention to since it’s usually out of sight. Furthermore, it’s an area you can’t easily access. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t identify any emerging issues early on before they become costly to repair. Remember your roof provides the protection your family needs. It also ensures your structure is protected from the elements, not to mention boosting your home’s curb appeal. You, therefore, have every reason to keep your roofing system in top shape throughout the year.

Regular inspection of your roof will help you catch problems early on and prevent damaged areas from becoming worse. Here are five signs that tell you it’s time to schedule a roof repair.

Water Stains

Perhaps this is the time you should take a look at your walls and ceiling and see if there are any water stains. The presence of water stains would indicate damaged shingles or even a problem with your downspouts or underlayment. You must have realized that leaks on a roof only get worse. There’s no time they’ll get better or rather reduce. Once you’ve identified the presence of moisture around your foundation or water stains on your walls and ceiling, schedule a roof inspection and repair immediately.

Missing, Curling or Broken Shingles

Understand that your shingle roof, after years of use and exposure to elements and weather activity, will begin showing signs of wear. This may include curling, breaking, or cracking. After a wind storm, you might notice some of the weakened shingles have been blown off your roof. No matter the number of shingles that appear damaged or missing, you should consider scheduling for a roof repair. Curling shingles may not be as a result of age along. Other factors that cause shingles to curl include subpar shingle installation and poor attic ventilation.

Damaged or Missing Flashing

The flashing helps to redirect water away from valleys, chimney, dormers, and transitional areas of your roofing system. Damaged or missing flashing can mean rainwater getting underneath your shingles, thereby causing the underlayment to deteriorate. Schedule a roof inspection and repairs as soon as you see signs of damage on your flashing.

Moss Growth

We both know that moss and mold tend to grow and thrive in damp and shaded locations. You’re most likely to find moss towards the north-facing sides of your roof. It’s important to understand that, as mold grows on your roof, it starts pulling in moisture that can eventually cause your shingles to lift and curl. It may also cause your roof decking to deteriorate and decay. Take a proactive action immediately you notice patches of moss growth on your roof. Contact a reputable Charlotte roofing contractor and have the roof inspected and repaired.

Sagging Roof Deck

Note that the decking in your attic is supposed to remain straight, no matter your roof’s degree of pitch. Any signs of sagging or warping would indicate a problem. Chances are the rafters or decking are wet as a result of leaks or moisture. Schedule an inspection and repair to have the problem addressed as soon as possible.

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