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Should I tend to my roof?

Residential roofing near me in Charlotte, NC, often sees lots of activity at this time of year. Many families are at home, so it makes sense to carry out some of the jobs while there is a chance. However, it can be hard for some individuals to know where to begin, so here are three areas that could do with some attention. While they need looking at, you may find it is best to contact your local residential roofing near me contractors to help you out rather than waste your time.

Charlotte’s top roofing company deals with gutters first

The first thing you have to do is to clear away debris from your gutters and neighboring areas.

Damp leaves can block your gutters, causing roof and siding damage if not handled promptly and appropriately.

Your professional roofing contractors should be able to help you clean gutters safely and adequately while checking all areas close to roof and sidings are in good condition.

Top residential roofing pros in Charlotte and Rock Hill

Like your gutters, you can have wet leaves sticking to the roof and causing mold and mildew. Once the roofing professional in your residence removes the debris, then they will spend some time checking all the shingles.

If any are loose, curly, cracked, or broken, then they will warn you and potentially be able to make a quick repair in that particular area. They will also check for missing nails, which are often found in gutters or the yard.   Your roofer will fix these problems before the tiles are ripped off the roof causing further damage. If there is too much damage, then it may be time to install a new roof with the help of roofing experts.

Find top residential roofing near me in Charlotte and Rock Hill

While the above are key areas to check, it is the signs of water damage where a residential roofing near me professional proves their worth. If you have severe damage, installing a new roof is complicated, so instead of trying to fix it yourself, it makes sense to hire Charlotte’s best roofing and construction company. You may find it’s time to contact Southern Star Roofing & Construction, who is your top Charlotte residential roofing company.

We are affordable roofing contractors serving Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas. We also service Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Tega Cay SC. We specialize in offering residential roofing repair and replacement, Siding, Windows, and Gutter services.

If your checks show you have a significant issue, with a purchase of a full roof, we carry out free gutter cleaning and upgrade your regular shingle roof to architectural shingles at no additional cost!

This alone makes it worthwhile using the professionals as it may be something you would have missed yourself, not to mention you have a full guarantee to cover this.

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