Find a Charlotte Roofer You Can Trust

Every Charlotte, NC, homeowner will eventually need repairs. When you need to know how to find a roofer that you can count on, it can get tricky. One way to avoid common scams is by choosing our experienced contractors. Choose Southern Star Roofing for repairs and new installations.

Ask for Licensing and Insurance

If they aren’t forthcoming with their contractor number, they might not have one. While they may pitch a low price, you are still unprotected. What happens if they leave halfway through the job or get hurt? Always ask for proof of insurance before work begins.

Compare Prices

A reputable company likely won’t charge for an estimate. That being said, you should request them from several local providers. This helps you see who offers the best value and how. Of course, you can still save more on quality new roofs with us.

Become Better Informed

Similar to visiting your car mechanic, knowledge is power. Knowing what items should be addressed goes a long way.

Another way to avoid getting taken advantage of is by choosing us. Hire Southern Star Roofing for affordable roofing solutions for homes or offices.