Fast Fixes for a Leaky Gutter


Tips to Address Fixing Your Leaky Gutters

leaking gutter in rain stormSuppose your house has just been hit by case of bad weather, cutting wind or a dangerous storm. You notice that your roof is fine and there are no leaks in the ceiling of your house but there’s still a considerable amount of water dripping down from the slope of your roof. What’s going on? Probably a leaky gutter, that’s what.

When your roof’s drainage system isn’t working properly, there’s a good chance your roof will begin to leak and the over quality of it will be affected in the long run. Gutters in your roof are necessary to prevent any accumulation of water on your roof top (which is pretty bad and mold-inducing!). Sometimes, after a rainy shower or a strong wind, debris might begin to collect and clog your gutter pipes – that’s when your gutter can start leaking.

Of course, the first part is to remove all the debris that’s been clogging up your drains but if there’s still a leak going on somewhere in the pipes, then you’ll need to call in for professional help. An experienced, licensed roofing company will be able to fix your leaky gutter quickly and effectively.

How do professional roofers fix a leaky gutter?

There are no shortcuts when it comes to roofing matters but some problems require less time and investment than others. Fixing a leaky gutter is a relatively short procedure but it’s one that requires skill and the right knowledge.

Your roofing contractor will begin by investigating the local cause of the leak in your gutter. He will also check the status of your roof structure. If the aluminum drip edge is strongly adhered to the fascia underneath, the roofer will need to rip out a few inches thick strips of the wood. This procedure can be done effectively with a table saw.

They will then carefully slide the shimmed roof strips underneath the aluminum drip edge and then fill the joints and crevices (usually on the top corner of the gutter and the fascia) with a strong industrial adhesive. Silicone caulk is usually used in this case. The silicone caulk can then be smoothened out for an overall better aesthetic repair.

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