Does My Roof Need To Be Roof Washed?

Roof wash is a general name for any roofing detergent. However, the question is, do Charlotte, NC, homes need it? Many homeowners find that they aren’t cleaning their roofs well enough. Learn how the pros at Southern Star Roofing gets the job done.

What Does Roof Wash Do?

There are many types of roof wash, but they mainly advertise for stains. Over time, your roof develops a lot of dark spots and moss spores. Without the right detergent, you won’t see the results you need. Instead, carefully read the label before making a purchase.

How Do I Use Roof Wash?

Some products are sold ready for use, while others aren’t. If it’s a concentrated blend, it requires dilution first. However, too much will render it ineffective, while not enough is dangerous. You may find that solutions are powerful enough to discolor or damage the surface.

Don’t Use Pressure Washers

Pressure washers, even “soft” washers, can rip open your roof. The hundreds of pounds of pressure easily tear away shingles. Instead, only use a garden hose with a pressurized nozzle.

When in doubt, hire Southern Star Roofing for professional roofing services.