Does Charlotte shingle repair need to be done in one way?

shingle repair

How do residential roof installers fit shingles?

Shingle repair or a complete shingle installation has a standard way of installing shingles on your roof, no matter what material they are.

However, today’s roofers have made their special adjustments to this standard approach to make the roof installation more successful and the roof more durable. A handful of custom adjustments made here and there are fine, as they do not undermine the integrity of the roof, and the job gets done well.

Read on to see what some of the best methods are, which Charlotte Roofers use for their shingle installation.

Charlotte’s best roofing and construction company asses your roof

If you are thinking of doing this yourself, think twice. Shingle repair isn’t as easy as it sounds. Before scooping up your hardware tools, you should evaluate the roof you aim to carry out this project on.

Roofs that are low to the ground, you may get away with it. Climbing onto a high roof is best left for the professional roof installers in Charlotte NC.

In fact, every roofing project that involves shingle repair or installation is best left to a local reliable roofing contractor. The first step for installing roof shingles is to line out the roof edges using an aluminum sheet drip edge.

With this, pro roofers make pencil lines on the perimeter of your roof, so they know what they are dealing with. They then draw in a chalk line between the two marked ends of the pencil line and thus obtain a straight line.

Drip edges and asphalt are vital parts of your shingle repair

Shingle repair that is in the middle of your roof is a straight rip out and replace; however, for shingle repair to this extent, once the roofers have lined the edges of your roof, they will pull the drip down, and thus make a narrow gap between the drip edge and fascia underneath.

Now is the time they drive galvanized nails in the drip edge to secure it in position.

Asphalt shingles represent an easy fix. Once the roofers have all the boundaries of your roof and the drip edge in place, they can start with the shingle repair and layout shingles before they fasten them in position.

The best roof installers for shingle repair in Charlotte NC measure, and measure again

Like any construction, measurements are crucial and a top roofing company will have made and continue to make measurements as they work upward up your roof. If you look at the above and think this shingle repair is too much to tackle on your own, then it is time to contact Charlotte’s top roofing company. Southern Star Roofing & Construction is your top Charlotte residential roofing company.

We are affordable roofing contractors serving Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas. We specialize in offering roof repair and roof replacement, Siding, Windows, and Gutter services.

With a purchase of a full roof, we carry out free gutter cleaning, and upgrade your regular shingle roof to architectural shingles at no additional cost!

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