Does Asphalt Roof Sealant Work on North Carolina Homes?

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Does asphalt roof sealant work, or is it all a sham? It’s a question that many North Carolina homeowners want to know. The answer is, it depends on which option you choose and how it’s applied. Southern Star Roofing explains the benefits of roof sealant, and how it works to keep your home free from moisture damage.

Roof Sealant Extends Service Life

Using roofing sealant can increase the lifespan of your system. However, many manufacturers also make bold claims. While you won’t double its service life, you can add several years. It may also be more beneficial for homes in more humid areas.

Go Better Than Store-Bought

You can purchase sealant in packages that are similar to caulking tubes. Using them also requires someone to apply it to each and every shingle. It would take hours or even days to complete this by hand with consumer-grade products. Instead, hire us for professional sealant and save yourself the trouble.

Avoid Pressure Washing

The first step on every bottle of cleaner is to pressure wash. Doing so blasts away shingles and punches a hole through. When there are large gaps, sealant has nothing to coat. It only drips off right after applying it.

You don’t have to struggle with your roof alone. Contact Southern Star Roofing today for all of your sealing and repair needs.

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