Do Clog Free Gutters Exist?

For many homeowners, clog-free gutters are a little more than just a dream. Especially here in Charlotte, NC, where storms happen often. However, you don’t have to just dream about a world free from gutter clogs. Here is what Southern Star Roofing recommends when you call us.

Most Gutter Guards Clog

Unfortunately, it is in a gutter’s nature to become clogged. These metal tracks are invaluable during rain, but they can become a nuisance. Even some guards offer little protection against the elements. However, options such as reverse curved guards offer a lot of benefits.

Clog-Free Gutters Require Frequent Cleaning

No one loves cleaning gutters, but it’s necessary to do. We recommend having it done at least twice every year. Not everyone feels safe on a ladder using tools, so we recommend hiring us to maintain your home’s gutters and roof.

Reduce Obstructions

Many homes have clogged gutters because of their landscaping. Trees, shrubs, and hedges near your roof can increase the amount of clogs. As they drop leaves, needles, and limbs, they collect debris. Eventually, it becomes too much for your gutters to hold.

When in doubt, contact us to clear your rain gutters. Hire Southern Star Roofing’slocal contractorstoday.

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