DIY Roofing Project Scheduled This Weekend? Use These 10 Safety Tips!


DIY Roofing Project Scheduled This Weekend? Use These 10 Safety Tips!

Are you planning on tackling some roofing work on your own without calling in a Charlotte roofing contractor professional? Before you go up there and get started, remember safety always comes first. Use these 10 tips when doing roofing maintenance and repairs:

1) Don’t Go It Alone: Be sure you tell at least one person that you’re doing roof work. Someone needs to be around in the event of an accident.

2) Be Ready: Put in some advance time to get the supplies and tools you need together. List out everything you need so you can minimize how many trips you make up and down your ladder. At best, these trips are going to wear you down. At worst, they’re dangerous and risky.

3) Keep An Eye On Mother Nature: Aim for a warm, dry day to work on your roof to minimize the chance of slipping. Also, while you might want to go up early in the day to avoid heat, you might also risk sliding because of morning dew.

4) Do Not Rush: The majority of falls and accidents happen when someone hurries. Take your time in order to remain safe. If you are crunched for time, it might be better to hire professional roofers.

5) Take A Seat Along: Buy a roofing seat. This smart product can secure right to the pitch of your roof, which means you’ll have a place you cat sit while you get tired doing shingling and other things. You’ll also probably have a better chance of voiding leg fatigue, tingling, and cramps. This all lowers your odds of falling.

6) First Things First: Clean and clear the surface of your roof before you do anything else. Sweep it to get rid of dirt, leaves, and other debris that might make you fall or trip.

7) Be Protected: As much as you are able to do so, use toe holds and wear your safety harness for optimum safety and precaution.

8) Use Your Ladder Appropriately: Read all the manufacturer’s recommendations and then read them again. Failing to adhere to them can potentially compromise the stability and safety of your ladder.

9) Wear Proper Footware: Your shoes need to be rubber-soled, non-slip, and sufficiently treaded when you get up on your roof.

10) Be Pragmatic: Know your personal limits in terms of what you’re doing. If you aren’t totally sure about what you’re doing, call in the professionals. Professional roofers in Charlotte can be reached at at (704) 300-9665

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