Different Types of Roofing Materials for my Charlotte Home?

Charlotte, NC, homeowners find that choosing the right building products is extremely important. With so many different types of roofing materials, what options are the best?

Southern Star Roofing works with them all, making any choice simple. Take a look at the options we’ve outlined below, and then contact us for help in creating your new roofing system.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles have long kept the title of being the most common roofing product around. Homeowners have turned to these affordable yet durable products for decades. When maintained, they can last for about 20 years and some can be rebuilt. They also offer protection against many daily hazards for reliable roofing.

Metal Roofs

Modern metal roofs have the advantage of different alloys working together. They are lightweight and shockingly affordable, especially compared with older systems. Since they use recycled metals, they are also good for the environment. These products have less waste over what standard shingles can make.

Tile Roofing Materials

Tile roofs have the added versatility of being offered in many different versions. You can find terra cotta, concrete, and even wood products.

No matter which option feels right for you, contact Southern Star Roofing for installations.

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