Did You Know That Your Roof Can Impact Your Curb Appeal?

Curb Appeal

Did You Know That Your Roof Can Impact Your Curb Appeal?

The real estate marketplace right is very competitive, and the curb appeal of your home has a tremendous influence on the market value of it. There are numerous factors that determine the overall curb appeal of your home, but two particular focal points that tend to stick out include the front door and the roof. Keep reading to learn how having the right roof can influence the curb appeal of your home in a positive and meaningful way.

Did You Know Your Roof Is Actually A Design Element?

When it comes time to picking a pitch and shape for your roof, pick one that complements the broader architectural style of your home. This increases the property value and helps the curb appeal a lot. You can choose from materials ranging from wood, slate, or tile to metal or asphalt, but with any of them, it’s a great design that infuses your home with personality. For example, simple rooflines might convey a sense of modest dignity whereas a sophisticated roof using cross-gables might illustrate something more regal.

The Color Of The Roof Matters

The color for your roof that is most suitable would be one that complements three things. The first is the foundation, the second is the trim of your home, and the third is, of course, the overall color. There was quite a long time where homeowners only had black or grey as their choices in roofing color. However, modern service providers who work in the Charlotte residential roofing market have far more colors to offer, as well as many different shades within many of those colors. Aside from finding something that works well with the exterior appearance of your home, the right color for your roof should bind the overall aesthetic together, or at least just accentuate your home’s unique architectural style.

Roofing Materials Live Two Lives

The aesthetics of a roof are far from the only thing you have to consider because functionality matters quite a bit as well. A new roof can look rather appealing in its initial years, but as time passes by, it might wind up getting worn down and stained. You can prevent this, though, if you pick a metal roofing system designed for durability.

Just How Much Does Curb Appeal Impact The Value Of Your Home?

The real estate industry is one where supply usually surpasses demand. That means that first impressions are crucial in terms of swaying someone’s home-buying decisions. Forbes has published research stating that the majority of prospective buyers that show up are going to have already formed an initial opinion of your home within 10 seconds of just showing up. That means that some potential buyers might take one glance from your curb and then drive off without ever seeing the interior. Given that, you need alluring curb appeal that surpasses the other listed homes around you if you want to boost your asking price. We can give you more information on how to improve your curb appeal let’s talk .

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