Dealing With Roof Damage


Is Your Service Call an Emergency?

You might find yourself with roof damage, but is it an emergency service call? Some days it’s tough to tell when you need a contractor. Southern Star Roofing has a few quick tips for you to help you below. Plus, you can always call us for reliable service contractors when you need us most.

Visible Leaks

When you see water pouring in, you can’t wait another moment. You need someone to secure the area immediately. Every second that passes means gallons of water can enter your home. Even if it’s late at night, call our local contractors for help.

Exposed Attics

Once your attic is exposed to the elements, you need us. Failure to address these situations will quickly lead to structural damage. What began as a roofing problem will endanger the entire building. Don’t give Mother Nature enough time to ruin your home.

Driving Winds

At first, you only saw a few shingles being ripped away by the wind. Now, the weather keeps building and trying to leave your home bare. When the wind becomes relentless, it’s best to secure your roofline. Contact Southern Star Roofing for these issues and other emergency services.

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