Dealing With Hail Damage To Your Roof


When Do You Need Roof Repairs After Charlotte, NC, Storms?

It’s common to experience hail damage in Charlotte, NC, but not all storms cause the need for repairs. Many homes can easily weather several storms in a row. Before you start scheduling repairs too quickly, read more about how to handle this occurrence below. Southern Star Roofing is your trusted choice for any roofing service calls.

Insurance Claims

Wait until after you have received an in-person evaluation from an insurance adjuster. Starting or even finishing before they see the damage can leave you out of pocket. You might feel eager to get your home in order, but it’s always best to wait. Doing so could help you cover many more expenses in the end.

Safety Concerns

Is the extent of the damage leaving your family at risk? Or can you safely secure the spot before contractors arrive? Often, the hail damage that’s left isn’t quite bad enough to warrant an after-hours contractor. Otherwise, you’ll need to expedite the process with our emergency repair team.

Documented Hail Damage

If you haven’t logged your hail damage, do so right away. Otherwise, it’s as though your home never got harmed at all.

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