Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks

Common Causes of Roof LeaksRoof leaks are a common problem for homeowners, and it could be caused by different reasons, including:

Insufficient underlayment
Poor workmanship
Ice dam
Improper ventilation
Roof penetrations that have been inadequately maintained or installed

Insufficient Underlayment causes Roof Leaks

The underlayment of the roofing (breather and synthetic materials in making this later and it can be found between the shingles and the roof deck) is an important component. If this layer is not properly installed, then you should have the roof repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Ignoring this problem can end up putting the roofing at a greater risk of leaking, especially when wind-driven rains come.

Improper Ventilation

There are times when the condensation or moisture in the attic is not from the roof leaking, but a result of poor ventilation. Proper attic ventilation is very important because it affects the function and longevity of your roofing. A good ventilation system is that which balances intake and exhaust, has correct venting from bathroom fans, sell-sealed air leaks, dryers, washers, and dishwashers, and proper insulation. If any of these elements are not correctly installed, it can result in the build-up of moisture in your attic, and this can cause the wood in the attic to start rotting and development of molds.

Ice Dams

These usually happen when snow and ice on the roof freezes, thaws, and refreezes constantly. With time, ice will start building up at the base of the roof and around the eaves. When it gets warm and the ice melts, water will seep underneath the shingles and result in leaking through the entire roofing. It is important to get a roofer so he can help in fixing ice damming problems and ensuring it doesn’t happen again.

Poor Workmanship

The roof is a system with different components working with each other. Poor workmanship can end up causing serious problems like roof leaks. This is why it is very important to invest time and effort in hiring an experienced roofing professional who will be able to provide quality services. Even if you have the best of products, you will end up with poor quality work if it is done by a roofing contractor who is not qualified.

Roof Penetrations

Areas that are prone to leaking are those that penetrate through the roofing, including vent pipes, chimneys, dormer walls, plumbing stacks, wall flashings, and terminations. These areas of the roof are the most vulnerable, and often ignored during installation and maintenance because it needs a lot of expertise and time.

What to Check For in Roof Leaks

You should keep in mind that once you have noticed a leak from your roof, the leaking has been happening for some time. There are a couple of precautionary measures you can take to ensure it doesn’t reach this point. Here are some indicators:

  • Water stains on the sheathing, beams, and rafters in the attic
  • A sagging roof that can be seen from the outside
  • Staining on the wood in the garage

If you see any signs of leaking, call a roofing contractor as soon as possible.


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