Choosing The Perfect Type Of Roof Shingles For Your Home

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Choosing The Perfect Type Of Roof Shingles For Your HomeIt is important to choose the right color, style, and material of your roof shingles because it will help you complement the architecture of the house and also meet your needs while staying on budget. We can help you when it comes to choosing the right shingles for your home because we have years of experience.

The 3-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Roof Shingles

Type of Shingles

The material and variety of shingle is the first thing you have to decide on. Whether you decide to go with slate roof shingles, asphalt, or any other type of material, you need to look at both the pros and cons before choosing the right option.

The two most common options are;

Asphalt Shingles – they are light, flat and affordable. They are also known as 3-tab shingles.
Slate Roofs Shingles – they are waterproof, durable, and fire-resistant.

Style and Features

Below are some of the factors you need to put into consideration when it comes to the characteristics of the roof shingles;

Aesthetic or Appearance

They come in different shapes and sizes, and you will need to choose with the dimensions of your roof in mind, and also the structure and architecture of the building.

Discourage Algae Growth

If you are in an area where algae growth is common, you should consider choosing shingles that have guards against discoloration because of molds.

Fire Resistant

You should go with shingles that have a Class A fire rating if you want to keep the roof and your home safe. This is because they offer protection and can be exposed to continuous heat without getting damaged.

Water Proof

If there are you are in experiences heavy rainfall, consider materials that have waterproof properties because it will help in avoiding leakages.

Color of Shingles

Once you have determined the type and style of shingle, the next step is selecting the color of shingles. You need to keep in mind the following factors;


You should factor in the style of the home when choosing the shade of the shingle. Whether the style is traditional, modern, ranch, or colonial.

Curb Appeal

Many people usually choose a neutral color. This is because it will not be a problem if they decide to sell the house in the future. You can also go with a striking shade if complements the structure and design of your home.

Asking in the Neighborhood

If you see a home that has a roofing you like, you could just ask the owner about the roofing, material, and color of shingles they used. This will give you a better idea of their roofing.

You should contact us  if you are in the process of choosing shingles.
No matter the type and color of shingle you go with, it is important to choose one that matches the design of your home and that will last for long and our professional roofers  can handle this for you.

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