Charlotte Roofing Tips: How to Ensure Your New Roof Won’t Fail

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So you’ve just completed a major milestone-like project for your house: a roof replacement. Celebrations are in order and you’re just planning how to rejoice when you find a leak in the ceiling. Your new roof didn’t work out as you imagined after all.

This is not an uncommon occurrence but it is definitely avoidable. When you get a new roof installed, you want to make sure it lasts you a lifetime. This means no leaks, no broken shingles and fewer numbers of repairs needed.

When you’re getting a new roof installed, it’s important that you follow these roofing tips:

Roofing Tips:

#1: Invest in Premium Quality

Your roof is kind of a big deal and you simply cannot afford to get stingy in regards to it. A new roof obviously means shopping for new roofing material. If you want to make sure your new roof won’t fail on you, invest in high quality roofing materials. The only criterion for high quality is not the price on it only. In fact, you might discover that some of the worst quality shingles are overpriced.

To judge the quality, check for its fire ratings, its weight, the lifespan it proposes to have and its durability. Consult with a professional to explore the best options available in the market.

#2: Hire a Reliable Roofer

One of the most critical and common reasons of a new roof failing is poor installation. Installing a roof is perhaps the biggest ways to ensure your new roof will stand. This process also requires a fair amount of expertise so you need to hire a professional Charlotte roofing company that is qualified and licensed. Check for their recommendations, past client history, warranties and insurance.

#3: Proper Attic Ventilation

For a roof to deliver excellent performance, proper attic ventilation is pivotal. Ensure that you attic is well ventilated and well protected against heat and moisture. Only then will a roof not fail.

#4: Good Flashing is Essential

The flashing around your chimney and skylight is critical in preventing leaks and for proper insulation. Make sure that when you redo your roof, the flashing is also redone. If the flashing is in good condition, the roofer might be okay with using it again for your new roof.

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