Charlotte Roofer Tip: What Should You Do if You Discover Missing Roof Shingles?

Roof Shingles

Missing roof shingles are a common occurrence after a horrible storm or when your roof is reaching an ancient age. But just because it’s common doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly. Missing roof shingles are one of the key signs that should prompt you into considering a full replacement for your roof. Or at least repairing and replacing the shingle as soon as you can. But how do you proceed? Let’s find out.

What does it mean if my roof shingles go missing?

Discovering missing shingles could indicate a breach in the structure and strength of your roof. Shingles make the foundation of your roof and protect the interior of your home from all the elements. Therefore, when these critical pieces disappear or get carried away by strong winds, your roof is in danger.

Missing shingles will encourage water to seep through the roof and into the ceiling and walls of your home. This moisture buildup will ultimately lead to the growth of mold, fungus and mildew which itself is an entirely different problem you’ll need to tackle.

There will also be a weakness in the insulation of your roof and this could mean the temperature inside the house will be less regulated. Missing shingles will also cause cracks in other parts of the roof including the flashing.

It’s important that quick action is taken against this progressing roof problem. A weakening foundation of your roof that is supposed to shield you from the harsh weathers and environment outside can never be a good sign.

What should a homeowner do when they find missing shingles?

Many homeowners will attempt to solve the issue themselves using DIY methods they watched on Pinterest or YouTube. However, these DIY methods could lead to further damage to your roof and even if they do manage to work, they will work only temporarily.

Rule of thumb: DIY tips and tricks are okay to use in a kitchen but not in your roof. In the case of missing shingles, hiring an expert roofer in Charlotte is likely the best idea. These trained professionals will replace your shingles with products that will lead to long-term solutions. They will also make sure your house is safe and secure. Plus, they won’t cause any more damage to your roof and it actually might be a cost-effective solution for your missing shingles!

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