Charlotte, NC Roofing contractors near me, fix or replace?

Residential roofing

Fix or replace: that is the question

Roofing contractors near me in Charlotte, NC, is a general search. Sometimes damages between mild and moderate can be fixed by residential roof repair; however, at other times, the damages may be too extensive to be covered by a regular repair.

Your roof serves as the most crucial protective barrier against the elements of all kinds. Therefore, it is very vulnerable to damage and requires frequent maintenance to ensure it functions properly. This is where you can seriously consider replacing your roof.

Damage evaluation by Charlotte’s top roofing company

Although frequent, it doesn’t always take a bad storm or other to damage your roof. A sudden gust of strong wind can be enough if you have weak areas. Your roofing contractors near me will assess and evaluate the damage. You can do it on your own, but you are best leaving it to the pros.

Climbing ladders to a roof can be hazardous, especially if you don’t have safety measures or equipment in place. There stands a good chance you will miss damage that is more inconspicuous on your roof that only a professional may pick up.

We recommend getting a roof inspection done from a qualified roofing contractor near me in Charlotte, NC, who is proven reliable. Expert opinions make decisions much easier to decide should you opt for simple roofing repairs or an entire roof replacement.

Warning signs, you need one or the other

You can see a few warning signs you need a repair or replacement, and it will depend on the extent of the problems. Some of the common symptoms are shingles that are broken, loose, or missing. You may also see these raised or curling.  Inside, you can see unexplained mold growth, your gutters are blocked, and the roofing contractors near me have a worried look on their face. 

Where to find roofing contractors near me in Charlotte, NC

You can find certain times of the year can cause more issues than others. However, it doesn’t mean you will be calling roofing contractors near me in these times. If you have a nagging doubt you have a roofing issue, you need to contact Charlotte’s best roofing and construction company.

With the best advice from the experts, you may find it is the best time to contact Southern Star Roofing & Construction, who are your top Charlotte residential roofing company.

We are affordable roofing contractors serving Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas. We specialize in offering roof repair and roof replacement, Siding, Windows, and Gutter services.

It doesn’t matter if you need a repair, or a full replacement, we can give the best advice and options to meet any budget.  The good thing is, with a purchase of a full roof, we carry out free gutter cleaning, and upgrade your regular shingle roof to architectural shingles at no additional cost! It does make sense to look for your roofing contractors near me

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