Charlotte and Rock Hill, SC Top roofing company innovations

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What are Charlotte and Rock Hill roof innovations?

A top roofing company will have access to all the latest and greatest roofing materials. We have seen how roofs have been developed over the centuries and built with many original elements and technologies that were considered state of the art during this period.

Through the years, the design and history of a roof have changed in accordance with our needs. Faced with increasing urbanization, all homeowners must understand precisely what type of roof installation is worth considering in their new home.

Here you will find the latest innovations in roofing, so no matter where you live, be it in Charlotte and Rock Hill, SC, or in one of the surrounding areas like Fort Mill SC, Tega Cay SC, Lake Wylie SC. Continue reading, and maybe you will find something suitable for your home.

Charlotte’s top roofing company installs cool roofs

Cool roofs are outstanding solutions in regions where the temperature spectrum is disproportionately broad. Such roofs have a light color, which reflects the sunlight and maintains a low overall roof temperature. When compared to asphalt roofs, which do not keep the roof cool as well, a cool roof will protect your structure against becoming too hot and uncomfortable.

Additionally, with this type of roof, you will notice a reduction in your electricity bills because you will not need to turn on your air conditioning equipment all the time or too often when you have cool roofs installed.

A top roofing company in Charlotte and Rock Hill will endorse a green roof

Becoming green has grown in importance on an international scale at this age. In the face of increasing global warming, it is terrific for your home and the environment to go green.

This roof uses the space on your roof and transforms it into a garden room. Sometimes called a residential roof or greenhouse roof, these roofs convert all the space on your roof that is wasted into a garden space and make excellent use of it.

Green roofs also function as a kind of cool roof because the flora has the property of keeping temperatures low and absorbing sunlight. They do only work on low-pitched roofs, of course.

Harvest rainwater with a blue roof

There is such a thing as a blue roof, which is also slowly gaining recognition lately. You make this type of roof to harvest all the rainwater and ultimately keep your roof cool. Moreover, these roofs serve as cooling roofs, but they have additional advantages.

Blue roofs have sophisticated water storage and collection system that can be used to cool roofs. They also have a correct drainage system, which means you don’t need to worry that the stored water will ruin the quality of your roof.

One possibility is to get your top roofing company to integrate blue roofs into green roofs. The blue roof produces irrigation water for the green roof, thus creating a comprehensive and utterly eco-friendly roof with outstanding cooling properties.

Finding Charlotte and Rock Hill roofers

When you need to find Charlotte’s best roofing company, it can take a while to locate the most reliable top roofing company. To save a lot of effort, you can just contact Southern Star Roofing.

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