Can roofers in Charlotte and Concord pick shingle color?

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What’s in a color?

You don’t often ask roofers Charlotte and Concord to come around and install a new roof. In fact, after installing a new roof on your home, it might take you more than two decades to consider replacing it.

Because of this, there are several things to consider, and while it doesn’t sound it, one of the most vital decisions will be the color of your shingles. Shingle roofs come in various types, and for every color, you can find a broad range of shades and combinations.

It is easier said than done, yet get this wrong, and you are waiting for the roof to be changed again, which can be up to thirty years away.  Here you can learn more about selecting the right color of roof shingles. If you wish to cut through research, you can quickly contact Roofers Charlotte and Concord, such as Southern Star Roofing, who are well aware of the best colors for your roof installation.

Roofers in Charlotte and Concord understand the region

Which region do you live in? Roofers Charlotte and Concord may not be too distant from each other, yet different areas can dictate the color of shingles, such as roof installations in Lake Norman, Davidson, Harrisburg, Salisbury, and Kannapolis. Shingle color can have an impact on attic temperatures, which means your heating and cooling costs, will or can vary quite dramatically.

Whereas a dark-colored shingle will absorb more heat and help keep your home warm in colder weather, a lighter-colored shingle tends to reflect the sun’s heat, keeping temperatures low in homes in warmer climates. The installation of dark-colored shingles will also make ice and snow melt faster.

Charlotte’s best roofing company considers other neighborhoods

The architectural style of your home, as well as its colors, is something you will want to observe.

Additionally, you need to consider the neighborhood you live in and other people’ s rooftops. Your local roofing company will be aware of this and will use it as part of their recommendations.

  • What color is your house painted?
  • Which color do you like?
  • Does your neighbor’s roof complement your house?

Darker colored shingles tend to make a home look smaller, whereas lighter colors make it appear slightly more substantial. Have the colors of the exterior paint matched to the color of the shingles, and consider the neighborhood you live in and see what’s on other people’s roofs.  You might consider choosing colors that make your house stand out; however, some associations prefer all homes around you have the same style and look.

Does your local Charlotte and Concord roof installer, need to match shutters and sidings?

In cases where the sidings and shutters seem to contrast with each other, it is wise to choose a shingle color, which approaches the shutters.

Doing this helps to bring the whole house together. Moreover, remember, you can always change your shutter according to your personal preferences. However, once you decide to go with a particular color, it is easier to find a shingle color that matches it. Roofers Charlotte and Concord offer the best color advice as they use the best-colored shingles on the market.  For you to make sure you are selecting the right colors, it is advisable to speak to Charlotte’s top roofers.

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