Can, or Should, You Paint Asphalt Roofing Material?


Can, or should, you paint asphalt roofing material? Or is it a DIY disaster waiting to happen? Here is our stance on painting your roof in North Carolina. Continue reading to learn more from Southern Star Roofing.

Can You Paint Your Roof?

Some homeowners like to paint their roof a bright color. Doing so reflects sunlight away, while keeping the building comfortable. Some products are also made specifically for reducing a roof’s temperature. Other options won’t last long because of the extended exposure to sunlight.   

Should You Paint Your Roof?

Cool roofs have gained popularity for their reduced utility costs. You may find them better suited than roof paint. Depending on your preferred materials, the cost is comparable to asphalt shingles. However, not all neighborhoods will allow them, making paint the better alternative.

Which Roof Coating is Best?

Homeowners now have plenty of choices in different roof coatings. In addition to paint, you have silicone, rubber roofing, and acrylic products. Silicone coatings are best but are most often used on commercial systems. Residential homes typically receive acrylic paint or coatings instead.

Do you plan on coating or painting your home’s roof? Call Southern Star Roofing today to find out about all of your options.

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