Can I Add a Roof Skylight to an Older Home?

A roof skylight offers many benefits, but there are also risks. Older homes in Greenville, SC, might not be able to handle them. The only method of knowing for certain is by hiring our experienced contractors. Choose Southern Star Roofing today for all of your roofing projects.

Wait for Roof Replacement

Installing a new roof skylight is an extensive process. Most contractors won’t take them on when it involves older homes. However, if you are already replacing your roof, they will. It’s also far easier to complete skylights along with your roof.

Weight Considerations

Skylights may look like windows, but they’re much heavier. These units can weigh hundreds of pounds, even standard-sized ones. As roofs age, they start to sag, leaving them weakened. If your home isn’t new, you may want to hold off.

Light Intensity

Not all skylights offer enough insulation or UV blocking properties. They can cause you to waste utilities or fade your home’s interior. Part of installing a roof skylight is choosing reliable materials. You probably can’t find a dependable one at low prices.

Before you install your roof skylight, contact us first. Southern Star Roofing always knows how to handle your project the best.

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