Can Charlotte roofing contractors fix roof and gutters?

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My home looks a mess after the Charlotte storm

Roofing contractors in Charlotte are the same as everyone else. They have no idea what the weather will bring. Unexpected storms can make a mess of houses in the area, and for some unfortunate ones, it isn’t only shingle repair they need.

If you have felt the full force of a storm, and need to get your home back in shape, it will take the skills of the very best Charlotte area roofing company to coordinate all this work in one go. With homes facing broken sidings, missing shingles, and gutters that are hanging by a thread.

It is no fun, and even if you are not one of the unlucky ones, read on and see what each area comprises, and why roofing contractors can be so busy at this time of year.

Charlotte’s top roofing company checks the roof first

No matter if other areas require attention, a roof is one of the most critical as it is the first and last line of defense against the weather. If you have an old roof, then the problem can be compounded by several reasons.

Here are some symptoms you may see, or you have faced that shows you need a roof replacement from reliable roofing contractors.

  • You see missing shingles
  • Your shingles are cracked or curling on the edges
  • You can see areas with no granules
  • You spot multiple leaks upstairs in different areas
  • Your roof continually has minor repairs made

With heavy storms, these make things a whole lot worse than usual.

Gutter services from roofing contractors may be required after a storm

Cleaning gutters get rid of dirt, debris, leaves and many other things that accumulate. While often done by homeowners, it is better left to roofing professionals if you have a large home.

However, if your gutters are suffering from bad weather, they can leak water and doing a poor job of clearing rainwater. If the storm was bad enough, with all this accumulation of gunk, you could find they pull from their fittings with extra weight.

When roof installers carry out gutter services, it is easier to remove offending gutter altogether while they deal with the roof. Roofing contractors will make sure your gutter has no gaps, and the new ones will have more solid fixing points.  It is advisable to ask any local roofer who does gutter services to install gutter guards; these will stop the leaves building up and causing issues.

Finding top local roofers to carry out storm damage repair

It can be unfortunate when you find you require roofing contractors because your home faces severe storm damage.

However, you can swallow this bitter pill easier if you have sufficient insurance to cover for this. It is still an inconvenience, yet it can help replace something you were close to paying for. If this is the case, and you do have a home that requires a bit of loving care.

Top Charlotte residential roofing contractors

Contact Southern Star Roofing & Construction who are your top Charlotte residential roofing company. We are affordable roofing contractors serving Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas, offering roof repair and roof replacement, Siding, Windows and Gutter services.

We offer free gutter cleaning and when replacing a full roof will upgrade at no additional charge to architectural shingles. After the storm, there can be brighter weather ahead.

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