Can Charlotte, NC warm weather your roof replacement?

Roof replacement

Is summer the best time to fix my roof?

Structural integrity and Charlotte, NC roof replacement, are essential for the building’s overall condition. Severe thunderstorms and winter snow are a primary cause of worry for building owners about roof damage.  Seldom is summer recognized as a threat to their roofing; nevertheless, one cannot be more wrong. Find out what problems arise during the summer and how they affect the roof replacement

Charlotte’s top roofing company deals with thermal cycle issues

The temperatures in the summer months fluctuate between hot and cold during the day and night. Under these conditions, certain types of roofs can expand and contract.  Repetitive expansion and contraction make it possible for water to leak through the roof. It may therefore, be essential to use a breathable PVC fabric to withstand the condensation and the thermal cycle.

Roof replacement can come from blistering

Leaking water from the roof is in itself a serious problem. However, when you take into account the heat in summer, it gets a lot worse. As the moisture under the roof heats in the day, it tends to raise the felt up from the roof, causing blisters or bubbles to emerge around the roof.

If the blisters are detected early enough, you can replace the damaged parts. If the bubbles are not corrected soon enough, these will develop, and you will be required to replace your roof altogether.

Moisture damage in Charlotte, NC leads to mold and roof replacement

The accumulated moisture encourages the development of mold and mildew. In combination with this, the rise in temperature resulting from the sun’s rays increases the growth of mold. These contaminants cause damage to the roofing, which influences the capability of the roof to drain moisture correctly.

Older roofs and those in places with natural warm weather conditions require inspection that is more frequent. If you have problems with your roofing, you must never delay in solving them. Most roofing problems tend to develop into more widespread issues, but maintenance is quick and easy.

Finding the best roofing company in Charlotte, NC

Southern Star Roofing & Construction can deal with your roof replacement or roof repair. They are Charlotte’s top roofing company and can provide a free inspection of your roof. They will maintain social distancing with you and can communicate by phone or email. Their workers will also remain at safe distances from you and each other.

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