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Isn’t roof repair required in the summer?

You may need a roof installer in spring and autumn, now is the time to get all the work around the house out of the way.

Roof repair and maintenance is a year-round activity. Still, of course, you can do certain things during the summer to ensure that smaller issues don’t translate into damage that is more extensive during the cold winter months when rough winds can devastate your home.

Here you can find three distinct areas where you’re local Charlotte and Gastonia roofer can help. Even if you live in the surrounding areas, you still need a roof installer if you reside in Belmont, Mount Holly, or Lincolnton.

Charlotte’s best roofing company can check your insulation

As soon as a roof installer tears off your roof, he checks every rafter and beam that nestles into your attic insulation. Attic insulation and ventilation are essential to increase the durability of your roof. As soon as moisture builds up in your attic during cold weather, it causes considerable damage to the roof structure.

Most moisture build-up is the result of condensation when hot indoor air contacts cold air in the loft. Unless condensation can evaporate naturally, it frequently leads to the formation of mold, which may spread throughout the entire home and, when left unchecked, affects the roof terrace and even rots the rafters.

As this type of damage is mostly invisible, you will not even notice that it occurs until it is too late, and the harm is strikingly apparent.

Gutter services from pro roof installers make damage old news

The majority of homeowners understand the importance of keeping gutters clean to prevent many problems.

Leaves and another residue can block the gutters and lead them into overflow. Water puddles forming up around the foundations of your home may cause unsightly, tough water stains on your wood or vinyl siding, making it extremely difficult to remove.

Blocked gutters will not only affect the fundamental function of a gutter to drain water from the outside of the building to stop water damage to the exterior walls, but they can also lead to the accumulation of water beneath your roof shingles, leaving them to rot.

This may reduce both the life of the shingles and damage to the rest of the roof structure.

Soffits and fascia are easy for a skilled roof installer in Charlotte 

Soffit and eaves boards are a further facet of a roof system, often misunderstood, just like the ventilation of the attic. In addition to improving the appearance of your home, the boards play an essential role in the protection of your house’s rafters. Their primary function is to cover and protect the area beneath the roof where the beam extends beyond the eaves.

This is a particularly exposed area of the house where winds can readily blow up and under the eaves and even into the house itself. Unless suitable soffits and eaves boards are in place, significant damage can be caused to the exterior walls, and the life of the roof terrace and rafters can be drastically reduced.

Find best roof installers in Charlotte NC

To make sure these areas are tended to during the summer, you need a top roof installer, and after your search, you will find Charlotte’s top roofers. Southern Star Roofing is an affordable, top roofing company.  We have regional offices in Charlotte, Asheville NC, and Greenville SC. We offer roof repair, along with full roof replacement. Free gutter cleaning and upgrade to architectural shingles with a purchase of a full roof!

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