Before You Buy a House… Check Out the Roof!

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Moving to a new home is exciting and stressful amongst other things. It’s a busy process and one that requires an ample amount of energy and time put in. When you’re planning to buy a new house the inside of the house isn’t the only thing that you need to inspect to make a judgment. The roof of the house is equally, if not more, important and needs your attention before you sign the deal. This might be a boring thing to do compared to other cooler things you can check out in the house but this is pretty important. If you neglect a faulty or damaged one you could end up in an enormous amount of cash zooming out your pocket. We can’t stress enough how necessary it is to judge the integrity of the roof before you buy a new house.

Here are some ways you can ensure that it is functioning and in good condition.

#1: Begin by inspecting the roof

You can never go wrong with inspection. Inspection is always the first step to determining how well it is. Most of the signs of a damaged one can be picked right away just by looking at them. These examples include curled shingles, greens like mold and moss on it, damaged flashing etc. If you’re unsure about the visible damage you could always ask a roofing expert to help you out. Expert roofers will pick up signs of roof damage on inspection right away even if you miss them.

#2: Inquire about the roof

When you’re determining the health of the roof of a house you intend to buy, ask questions from the former homeowners about it. For example you could inquire about the age of the roof and the materials and roofing warranty. If the roof is particularly old you will need roof replacement soon and a replacement project is no cheap business.

#3: Make sure the ventilation is working

It doesn’t matter if the roof is new and young, poor roof installation can show signs of inefficient ventilation. Before you sign the deal on the house, make sure that the ventilation system is in top shape. Ideally the vents should let fresh air flow in and expel the hot air from the inside out. It should also let in an appropriate amount of sunlight. You simply can’t ignore the ventilation system.

#4: Check out the gutters of the roof

Last but not least you should ensure that the gutters on the roof are in good shape. This means that the pipes shouldn’t be rusted or cracked at any place. The drains should not be clogged because we all know that clogged gutter can cause water to accumulate and cause destruction to your roof. Another important sign to look out in the gutter are shingle pieces and residue. If the shingles of your roof are damages or broken they will end up in the gutters. If you see these pieces in the drain, it’s a sure-shot sign that your shingles need looking at.

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