Asphalt Roof Repair Services in Greenville, South Carolina

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Your home in Greenville, SC, could need several asphalt roof repair services. If so, which one do you need the most? In this article we discuss some of the many problems we cover every day. See why homeowners prefer us at Southern Star Roofing.

Shingle Blistering

Blistered shingles happen from either worn-out surfaces or improper venting. Either way, you need to replace them quickly to prevent leaks. However, minor blistering is expected, especially for older systems. Contact us for an inspection if you suspect blistering shingles.

Raised Shingles

Shingles that are raised typically get that way from poor installations. As a result, they have partially been ripped off, leaving them useless. These shingles oftentimes didn’t get enough fasteners or they weren’t applied correctly. 

Bald Shingles

It’s a shingle’s granular layer that offers the most heat resistance. When it wears out, there isn’t much protection being offered. The only solution is to replace your bald asphalt shingles with brand-new ones. Otherwise, you’ll start seeing leaks forming.

See why Greenville, SC, homeowners turn to us for their repair services. When you need affordable maintenance options, contact Southern Star Roofing.

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