Asphalt Roof Repair Services in Charlotte


Homeowners could need any number of asphalt roof repair services in Charlotte, NC. However, some problems occur more than others. At Southern Star Roofing, we fix them all at affordable costs. Below are some of the most common roof repair items we see daily. 

Roof Leaks

The number one offender for roofing issues is moisture leaks. Unfortunately, they can occur at any time throughout the year. Leaks should be repaired as soon as possible to reduce the spread of damage. Don’t wait too long before contacting us for repairs.

Damaged Flashing

Metal flashing can also be damaged from moisture and wind. When it rusts or is torn off, it causes a lot of problems. Not only will your roof leak, but it can have large sections impacted. Protect your property and repair your flashing now.

Ventilation Problems

Roofs seem to either have not enough venting or installation concerns. Ventilation issues are one of the most common. Lack of airflow damages your attic from heat staying inside. Poor connections will also lead to moisture leaks.

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