Are Solar Systems Safe for my Roof?

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This world is revolutionizing, and people are following the motto of Go Green and shifting towards solar panels as the mode of energy provider in their house. About 2 million homes in the United States have solar panels installed at their homes. 

Solar energy is very reliable and cost-effective as it doesn’t utilize fuel energy and makes the environment harmful for the ones living here. The trend of renewable energy is going around the world and people are shifting towards this better alternative as it’s very cost-effective and also provides certain benefits.

It is a very cost-effective energy source as it cuts down your electricity bill moreover it gives you an environment-friendly environment.

But here, the main question arises: does this solar system affect or damage your roof? Here is the answer to all queries. 

The impact of the solar system on your roof

The solar system is the need of the hour but installing it may cause some damage only if you install it traditionally. There are some techniques that we are gonna discuss here that may avoid damage to your roof. You need certain tips and also professional staff for the installation of this solar system as relying on anyone can cause you big trouble.

There has always been a perception in our minds that the installation of a solar system damages the surface of your roof but it’s not always true as there are few techniques that cause no harm to your roof.

Avoid creating holes and dents

When we go for the installation of solar panels we have a perception in mind that it might cause holes and dents on the surface of your roof but it’s not true considering the technology being used these days to install a solar panel. These are installed through a ballasted racking system or a roof clamp system as they don’t cause dents and holes in your roof as some old techniques may cause holes so you have to ask for complete information from the installer before going for installation. Few expert installers avoid the technique that causes holes and dents in your roof to provide stability to your roof. Holes and dents damage the structure of your roof that decreases the life span of your roof so you need to be very careful while avoiding the circumstances that may cause holes and dents in your roof

Stability of your roof

It’s mandatory to check and analyze the stability condition of your roof first and if it needs any repairing so make sure to finish the repairing work before going for any solar installation. Don’t ignore any repairing needs and repair any dent before installing the system because once it’s installed, the repairing work becomes a bit tough.

You also need to check the age of your roof as many installers don’t install any system on an older roof.

Benefits of the solar system

As we all are aware of the environmental benefits of the solar system but there are some other benefits of solar panels to the roof of your home. Some of these benefits are given below

The Cooling Effect

The solar panel works from above the roof and it absorbs solar energy and transfers it into electrical energy to provide us electricity at our home as it absorbs harsh rays of the sun so it also provides a cooling effect to your roof and provides the house a cooling and subtle effect.

There is some space available at the panels and roof so they help keep the roof cool from the harsh rays of the sun. According to a study done by UC San Diego, they help reduce the temperature inside the home up to nearly 35% or more.

Eye Catching look

The solar panels might give your roof a catchy and aesthetic look as the same typical roof surface is very normal and boring so it might add an extra feather to the extravagant structure of your home.

Now the latest installation system doesn’t cause damage to the roof so there won’t be any roof lines available there. It will be more eye catchy and make it more appealing to the eyes.

Protection from rain and snow

The solar panels work as a sheet over your roof that protects your roof from hail and rain as normally rain damages the condition of your roof and decreases its stability and age.

So the solar panel works as a blockage to your roof that restricts the bad weather conditions from affecting your roof which doesn’t guarantee to protect you 100% from the harsh rays or weather conditions but they help you and protect you from these weather conditions to some high percent rate and increases the stability from before. The rain and heavy snowfall may cause scratches and dents on your roof so this also works as a protection layer for the safety of your roof

Your Roof Value May Increase

Your roof value increases after the installation of a solar system on your roof because there is a trend going on around the world where people are shifting towards renewable energy and this solar panel may increase the worth of your roof to a higher extent. It also gives a very aesthetic look to your roof that makes it quite eye catchy for the users. 

The installation of the solar panels helps you a lot in saving your electricity bill as it is very cost-effective while on the other hand, it introduces you to this new era of renewable energy that will help the environment to sustain. Sustainability is the need of an hour as renewable energy is our only source of making the environment healthy for everyone.

Some other factors help you to increase the worth and value of your home and its roof by a simple installation of these solar panels such as providing you cool breezy air and a shade to protect you from harsh sun rays. It’s a lifetime investment as it impacts the condition of your roof, so you need to hire a responsible team for installation and also ensure the stability of your roof and solar panel so you’ve to be extra vigilant while ensuring all these things.