Are Skylights Worth The Money And What Are Their Pros And Cons?


Are Skylights Worth The Money (Pros And Cons)A skylight can be an excellent roofing upgrades decision, but you also need to be sure of such renovation. Research and be informed before rushing to install the skylight to avoid making an investment that will become an ongoing expense. So, if you are wondering if skylights are worth the money, below are the pros and cons of this kind of roofing installation worth knowing.

The Pros:

• Lighting Dark Places
If you have interior places that get little to no light, then the skylights will be the solution for your lighting needs in these rooms.

• Fresh Air
If you for skylight installations that have vents, then they will help enhance the delivery of fresh air into the room. Moreover, the venting features help with natural cooling during the summer months.

• Indirect Solar Light
The design of the skylight can have some model help with energy conservation in a home since they provide indirect solar energy.

The Cons:

• Expense
Most skylights are not cheap to install and need adequate maintenance. They are a bit fragile compared to most roofing materials thus are subject to wear and tear, making your roof prone to leaks. Insurance companies take this into account when they offer slightly high premiums to home with a skylight.

• Likely Roof Leaks
In as much as you can avoid this by investing in high-quality skylights, the probability of having to deal with leaks cannot be overlooked. The likelihood of having a leaking roof is high if you by plastic-glazed skylights. They wear out, becoming brittle and losing their color. Such skylights come cheap, but become a costly mistake in the long run.

When installing a skylight, make sure that you include a raised watertight lip (a curb) that will deflect away water. Also, ensure flashing is appropriately done, and all joints completely sealed. It all means that you should waterproof the sheets, and should not include the use of diverter strips and roof crickets since they can become more of a problem than being a solution.

• Potential Interior Damage
Leaks attributed to the installation of a skylight can lead to the damage and destruction of your furniture or carpet. That is why you will have to spend more when getting the sophisticated, low-e skylights that are glazed, tempered glass or laminated glass with a special coating that controls heat and UV.

• Potential Roof Damage
Including a skylight to your old roof means doing structural changes that can be potentially damaging to your roofing. For instance, modifying a truss roof to allow a skylight fit is never a good idea. But, homes with a standard roof framing can benefit from different types of skylights.

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