Are skylights a good Charlotte, NC window replacement idea?

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Can I just add a skylight?

Window replacement in Charlotte, NC, can be something everyone needs at some stage in their home. On occasions, an addition can be a skylight. However, as nice as they seem, there does need to be some consideration. Be sure to do some investigation and be informed before rushing into a skylight installation to avoid an investment that will become a current expense. If you are wondering whether a skylight is worth the price, read on to learn the pros and cons of skylights to be sure they are right for your home.

Pros of Charlotte’s top roofing company window replacement

Lighting Dark Places: If you have space indoors that doesn’t get much light, skylights will be the solution to your lighting needs in these rooms.

Fresh Air: If you choose skylight installations that have air vents, these will help improve the supply of fresh air to the room. Furthermore, ventilation elements help with cooling in the summer months.

Indirect Solar Light: A skylight design can provide some help with an energy-saving model in the home, as they provide indirect solar energy.

Cons of skylights as a window replacement option

Expense: The majority of skylights are not cheap to install and require proper maintenance. They are slightly fragile compared to most roof coverings and are therefore susceptible to wear and tear, making the roof vulnerable to leakage. Insurance companies tend to consider this when proposing slightly higher premiums for a house with a skylight.

Possible Roof Leaks: As far as this can be avoided by investing in high-quality skylights, the likelihood of leaks cannot be ignored. The possibility of roof leaks is high with plastic skylights. They wear out, becoming brittle, and losing their color. Such skylights are cheap, but in the long run, they become an expensive mistake.

When installing a skylight in Charlotte, NC, make sure it has a raised watertight lip (curb) that deflects the water. Also, make sure that the flashing is executed correctly and all joints are completely sealed. All this means that the sheets should be watertight and should not include the use of separating strips and roof crickets, as these can become more of a problem than a solution.

Potential roof damage with skylight as a window replacement

The inclusion of a skylight in an old roof means carrying out structural changes that can potentially be harmful to the roofing. For example, it is never a good idea to modify a trussed roof to fit a skylight. However, houses with a standard roof skeleton can use different types of skylights.

Leaks associated with the installation of a skylight can lead to damage and deterioration of furniture or carpets. You will, therefore, have to spend more when you get sophisticated, low emission skylights that are glass, tempered, or laminated with a special coating that controls heat and UV radiation.

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