Are Fire Resistant Roofing Materials Worth It?

Are fire resistant roofing materials worth the expense? Not all homeowners in Greenville, SC, may think so. However, they do offer many benefits over traditional roofing products. See why Southern Star Roofing recommends upgrading to these materials.

Fiberglass Shingles

Fiberglass shingles improve asphalt with added fire resistance. Fiberglass options also look similar, but you get added peace of mind. These products can be placed on top of yours, seamlessly blending in. When you need safer products, it doesn’t get better than these.

Slate Tiles

Slate roofs naturally have a higher fire rating than asphalt ones. As such, these premium products are often worth the cost. Plus, they outlive and outperform most other roofing materials. You might experience hands-off roofing for decades which warrants the price tag.

Metal Roofs

Nothing will cause a metal roof to inflame, keeping it safer. This option holds up to heat, so metal roofs won’t buckle. Once in place, they require little maintenance on your end. This is why you see them more often than before.

No matter which roof is right for you, hire us for your installations. Contact Southern Star Roofing today for your home’s best roofing contractors.

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