All You Need To Know Before Decorating Your Roof

All You Need To Know Before Decorating Your Roof

We all know how nice it feels to decorate your roof during the holidays. However, it can also be quite dangerous if you don’t do it properly. Failing at following the standard safety measures will not only put at risk the enjoyment of your holidays but also your life. To help you in the process, our Greenville roofing experts put together a list of things to keep in mind to stay safe while getting a fantastic roof decoration.

Ensure Your Ladder is safe – The first thing you should check out is the condition of the ladder you are going to use to reach your roof. Test it and make sure it can hold your weight and that it is high enough.

Get rid of malfunctioning lights – test your lights before getting to the roof and ensure none is out of shape.

Assess the conditions of your cords – another critical but often overlooked step is to make sure that your electrical cords are not damaged or worn out. Replace the old cables with new ones to prevent an electrical shock.

Use The Correct Lights – Select those that can stand up to different weather conditions. Choose lights made for external use, as they are more durable. Also, avoid getting 7-volt and higher bulbs, since they tend to be more vulnerable to overheating.

Decorate your roof with the right conditions – If it has rained or snowed, do not climb on it. Even professional residential roofing has to be extra cautious, so don’t test your luck and do your decoration when the weather is appropriate.

Clean Your Roof – Leaves might be a potential fire hazard, especially when they start to dry out. Make sure you clean your roof from gutters before installing your lights.

Make use of hooks – To avoid damaging your roof, use hooks instead of staples or nails when securing your lights.

Time your lights – Consider getting a timer to turn your lights off at certain times of the day to be safer, but also to save up on the electricity bills.

Be super careful when removing the decorations – Recheck your ladder once the holiday season is over, wait for the eight weather conditions and use all of the other tips before you take down your lights.

Don’t forget that most home-owners find out they have a damaged roof when it is time to decorate it. If you do notice some issues, get in touch with our team of roofing experts before you attempt decorating it. Call your Greenville roofing company today & schedule your FREE estimate

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