All You Need To Know About Flat Roof Maintenance

All You Need To Know About Flat Roof Maintenance

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All kinds of roofing need regular maintenance and inspection to make sure they are properly functional. Even though maintaining your roof translates to some costs, don’t be put off by the investment of having to hire a professional: you’ll save money in the long term and prolong your roof’s lifecycle.

Specifically, flat roofs have some additional requirements compared to other types because of their particular inclination. Let’s look at some tips that you must follow to effectively identify potential issues before you have to deal with costly reparations.

  1. Perform Regular Inspections – we can’t emphasize enough on the importance of checking your roof every few months. Ensure that you periodically look at whether everything is intact: look for blisters, rust, cracks, or water pooling. Engage a professional to help you deal with the issue in case you encounter one (or some). Of course, it is best to have a professional inspection every few years as well.
  2. Avoid Debris Accumulation – flat roofs tend collecting leaves and debris. That, in turn, leads to moisture retention, which might result in algae or mold growth, meaning your roof’s integrity will be compromised.
  3. Perform Some Tree Trimming – a critical (but often overlooked) aspect of roof maintenance is to trim tree branches that hang around your space.
  4. Check the Drainage – because of their inclination, flat roofs are higher chances to collect water. Pooling water is the most noticeable sign of poor drainage. If you notice some, contact a professional to unclog your system.
  5. Avoid Putting Too Much Stress On Your Roof – flat roofs are susceptible to high pressure and weight. Heavy equipment on your roof, ice, and snow could cause it to collapse, causing inevitable damage to your property. Ensure you know how much weight your flat roof can manage and don’t go above that figure.
  6. Be Ready To Fix Leakages – as soon as you see any leaks, call a professional to carry out the necessary repairs.

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