A Green Roof And Its Benefits

Green Roof

A Green Roof And Its BenefitsA popular trend in urban buildings, green roofs have now become a common phenomenon throughout the country. They provide advantages to both the environment and the homeowner. This is a highlight of information you need to know on a green roof and will help you decide if they are an option for your home.

A green roof is a distinctive roofing technique that blends a protective waterproof layer and a drainage mechanism that props up light plant life. The series of layers ensure that vegetation thrives without damaging the roof. In previous years this system was only renowned in Europe but now green roofs are becoming the trend on buildings in major cities and also appearing on roofs of residential buildings. In urban areas, green roofs contribute to a clean environment by filtering pollutants and minimizing energy use. Many homeowners have seized this opportunity to utilize unused space as a way to improve their environmental conservation efforts.

Energy costs are minimized by cutting on tempura tires placed on the roof and growing the R-value leading to energy savings on cooling and heating. This leads to cost savings and wins for the earth! Also, green roofs support and improve property values. There is evidence of this in urban areas.

A green roof helps in environmental sustainability initiatives both within the house as well as outside the house. The flora growing on the roof improves the quality of the air by filtering harmful pollutants. Another advantage is that it limits water that drains away in sewers.

You also get the opportunity to grow your own flowers and food! If you have a penchant for gardening, it is recommended you invest in growing lighter vegetables and herbs. These can acclimatize to most of the weather conditions.

Initially, you will require to spend some time on looking after your green roof but this subsides with time. A cautionary note, desist from using potting soil as it can turn out to be too weighty leading to the destruction of your property.

The watering mechanism you apply is a choice between an irrigation system and normal hand watering. During dry periods it is important to water your plants so that they do not wither and die off.

If you are not interested in growing vegetables or flowers, short grass and moss are other suitable alternatives. They require little to no maintenance and spread out to a wider area.

Finally, as a home-chef, a green roof that has a variety of herbs will be a great and rewarding choice.

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