8 Ways A Roofing Contractor Can Help Protect Your Home

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8 Ways A Roofing Contractor Can Help Protect Your HomeOne thing that all homeowners should do is establish a good relationship with a local roofing contractor. You never know when a roof related-emergency may arise. Here are eight ways that a roofing contractor can help around your home:

1. Repairing weather-related damage. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, leaks in your roof can suddenly appear. This is particularly true if the roofing materials used on your home are not durable enough to stand up to the weather.

2. Providing accurate quotes. If you are thinking of repairing or replacing your roof, a qualified roofing contractor can provide you with an accurate estimate for how much the project will cost.

3. Dealing with unexpected leaks. Leaks can occur without notice, leaving you scrambling to get them repaired. If you have a roofing contractor on speed dial, you can reach out to them right away to fix the problem.

4. Repairing leaks around vents. Most roofs are equipped with vents to help increase air circulation. Leaks frequently occur around vents like these, which can not only produce bad odors inside your home but can also create discoloration on your ceilings.

5. Preventing ice dams. When the snow on a roof melts, it can form dams of ice along the edges of the roof. The underlying surface can be damaged by both the heavy ice and the standing water that it creates.

6. Eliminating blocked gutters. Gutters can become clogged with leaves and debris over time. If you can see debris sticking out of your gutters or if they aren’t draining the way that they should, a qualified roofing contractor can clean them for you, helping to improve drainage. This minimizes the risk of leaks.

7. Dealing with moisture problems in your attic. A leaky or poorly-ventilated roof can cause moisture to accumulate in your attic. Over time, this can lead to the growth of mildew or mold. A professional roofer can address these problems, helping to create a drier, cleaner space.

8. Dealing with emergencies. Most roofing contractors are available to handle roof-related emergencies at a moment’s notice.

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