5 Tips For Fall Roof Maintenance


5 Tips For Fall Roof MaintenanceFall is the season when you need to ensure that your roof is prepared for the harsh winter. It is recommended that you talk with a professional and have them inspect the roof for problems that need to be repaired. There are also some steps that you can take to prepare your roof for the winter months.

Clean The Roof Gutters

Throughout fall, leaves and twigs will make their way to it and land up in the gutters where they accumulate. You have to take the time to clean the gutters and unclog the downspouts. This ensures your drainage system is functioning correctly and will reduce the chances of water build-up on it. You will also avoid some costly roof problems such as molding, cracking and other damage.

Install Gutter Guards

When you have gutters installed, you should consider gutter guard installation as well. They will reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your gutters every year. These guards are cap-like structures which fit over the shallow troughs on it and have holes in them. They prevent debris such as leaves from falling into the gutters and only allow the water through.

Trim The Trees Around Your Home

If you have trees around your home, you need to look for branches that are getting close to it. You do not want these branches falling onto it and causing serious damage. Animals can also use the branches to get to your home where they find shelter in the winter. The chances of the branch damaging the roof increases in winter because of the snowfall and you need to trim the branches before they become a problem.

Have A Professional Pre-Winter Inspection

This is something you need to do every year. Getting a professional roofer to inspect it and fix any problems they find will reduce the overall costs of repairs. Roofers will be able to spot damaged shingles and replace them before the winter starts. These roofers will also have the experience and knowledge to find potential problems that you would overlook such as water damage and ventilation issues.

Determine If You Need Roof Repairs

With winter coming, you need to invest in roof repairs before the issues become major problems. All the issues noted during the roofing inspection should be taken care of before winter starts. While these issues might seem small, they will grow if left and will become expensive to repair. The roofer you hire will provide you with instructions for the repair of your roof and you need to consider what they have to say. These repairs will ensure that your roof is in the best condition for the winter and will easily withstand the harsh conditions.

There are many steps that you can take to maintain your roof in the fall. It is recommended that you hire a professional roofers to complete a pre-fall inspection and take care of any repairs. Tasks such as cleaning the gutters are something that you can do on your own. Contact us today if you need roof repairs.

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