Roofing Issues That Need Your Urgent Attention

roof repair or roof replacement

Roofs are subjected to all kinds of minor and major damages but not every kind of trauma prompts immediate and urgent repairs. Here in this blog post we’re discussing all the roofing problems that actually need your attention and cannot be ignored at any cost.

Your roof is the shield to your home; therefore a good functioning roof structure is pivotal to ensure the safety of you and your family. When something isn’t right, don’t leave it for later. You might not be able to do the repairs yourself but you should be able to investigate the problem.

Roof leaks are one of the roofing issues

Roof leaks top the charts for the worst and most frequent roofing problems since the beginning of time. Water from the rain can dribble down through cracks in your roof elements like flashing or broken shingles and seep through the ceiling and walls of your house. Leaks are notorious for encouraging the growth of greens and overall reducing the efficacy of your roof. If you notice a roof leak, immediately call for expert help.

Roofing issues: Holes and Cracks

Holes and cracks are frequent when you live in an area that has a lot of storm and high winds in the climate. After a storm rocks, branches or just about any form of debris can fall and damage your rooftop. What’s more, even animals like raccoons, squirrels and birds can gnaw at your roof and cause damages or holes. These holes can not only cause leaks but long-term damage as well. If you suspect a hole in your roof, it’s time to call in a roofer you trust.

Cracking or Shrinking

Temperature changes can cause your roof to shrink or expand and eventually crack. If your house is located in an area that experience drastic fluctuations in the temperatures, it’s a good idea to have a monthly inspection done to locate any cracks. If left unnoticed, these expanding or shrinking roofing elements can damage your flashing and reducing its functional value. Water and ice are also major culprits in inducing this type of damage. Inspection is the only way to find any roofing damages through shrinking because cracked flashing might not show signs right away until the damage is too far done.

Trees and Branches

You might think trees next to your roof can add some aesthetic value and cool down your roof but these overhanging floras might do more damage in the long run than you expect. Overgrown branches of trees can physically put pressure and damage shingles as well as other parts of your roof. In fact a tree can even scratch the entire surface of your roof. It’s important to trim the trees every once in a while to avoid this untoward consequence.

Faulty installation

Roof installation is a complex process that only a reliable roofer can do. Before you encounter this common roofing issue research on your roofing company carefully. Find someone with a good portfolio and work experience. It’s important that your roof is in good hands when it comes to the installation because poor roof installation can be the mother of all roof problems that are listed above.

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