5 Important Tips to Consider Before You Re-Roof Your Home


5 Important Tips to Consider Before You Re-Roof Your Home

These days, it takes around $6,400 to $15,840 on average to re-roof. Considering that this procedure alone is costly, you have to make sure that you know how to look for the right Charlotte roofing contractor that knows how to do the job properly

Here are 5 tips that you should always take into consideration if you’ve decided to re-roof your home:

1. Ask your roofer about the new roof ventilation before a re-roof

Little do people know, but the roof’s ventilation plays a crucial role when it comes to determining how long your roof will last. By making sure that the professional roof company will install an improved version of your roof’s ventilation ensures that the temperatures in your attic during the summertime will be regulated, and at the same time, minimizes moisture accumulation during the wintertime. Also, don’t forget to ask your roofer if they are also to install added features like gable and ridge vents.

2. Aesthetics look great but choose energy-efficient roofs

Aside from the fact that energy-efficient roofs can help lower your electricity bills, your roof won’t also have to work as hard. This is because these types of roofs are usually made up of various materials that deflect heat. This doesn’t just make your home feel cool and comfortable, but it also prevents additional maintenance costs. Before, bright colors used to be the trend when it comes to roofs – these days, dark hues seem to be more efficient and are considered a better choice.

3. Ask your roofer to install low maintenance gutters

Misaligned gutters won’t do your roof any good. Make sure that you choose a Charlotte roofing company that offers seamless and low-maintenance gutters. In addition to which, your choice of gutter shouldn’t be held in place by merely eaves or gable overhangs. These types of gutters are prone to water damage.

4. An airtight chimney cap is crucial

In general, chimney caps are not as expensive as other parts of the roof, but a lot of individuals tend to overlook its importance. A chimney cap’s main role is to ensure that energy consumption in your home is reduced by ensuring that heat won’t escape, or that snow, hail or rain won’t get into your home. It also prevents wild animals and critters from entering your home.

5. Install eave flashings to prevent ice damns formation

Consider this as your home’s weather-proofing material, which helps prevents moisture from reaching your shingles. These eave flashings will also help prevent ice dams formation. A professional  roofing company can help you with your eave flashings. Give us a call.

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