4 Ways to Help Homeowners Choose the Right Color Shingles


4 Ways to Help Homeowners Choose the Right Color Shingles

If it has come time to replace your roof, you have dozens of options open to you. There are colors to suit almost every style and interest. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect color for your home’s shingles.

  1. Talk to Your Neighbors

Some complexes and neighborhoods have rules regarding the shingle colors that are allowed. Brightly colored shingles can look great but they may annoy the other people who have to see them. In some residential areas, uniformity is important. Talk to your neighbors and ask for advice before you select new shingles.

  1. Look at the Rest of the Property

Take a look at your home. What color is the siding? Do the shingles you have right now match with, clash with, or accent the sidings? This could inspire you to pick a specific type. Vivid colors can be tempting, but you should stay away from shingle options that will clash with the rest of your exterior. If you really want a specific look to your roof then another option might be to repaint the sidings.

  1. Remember curb Appeal

Whatever your personal preferences, unless you are sure you won’t be moving any time soon curb appeal is important. You want your home to look inviting and to appeal to prospective buyers.

Some roofs look best with a unified look. Others look good with an accent that adds personality and depth. Take landscaping, trim and doors into account to make sure you’re making the whole package.

  1. Talk to a Pro

Call your roofing contractor and ask them for more information. The contractors at Southern Star Roofing have a lot of experience with selecting shingle types and colors that match current trends while retaining a timeless appeal. Don’t settle for the basics. Take this chance to get the perfect roof that will turn your home into your pride and joy, give us a call right away!

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