3 Times When You Should Get Your Roof Replaced Instead Of Repaired

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There Are 3 Times When You Should Get Your Roof Replaced Instead Of RepairedIf you look at your roof and notice that it’s worn down a bit, you might be curious whether or not you should get it repaired or just replaced. Repairs can certainly be an attractive option, if you can fix problems without shelling out money for a whole new roof. Still, there are times where a full replacement is your better course of action. If you’re not sure which is the better way to go, then keep reading to learn 3 times when roof replacement is a better decision than repairs.

Your Roof Isn’t Getting Any Younger

If you happen to notice a shingle missing here and there, or you know your roof has an issue that you believe can be fixed, then you need to think about the age of the roof before doing those repairs. Older roofs are usually better off just getting replaced. Asphalt shingles usually only last around 15 years, while concrete and clay tiles might last from 30 up to 50 years. If your roof is near its limit, then investing in a replacement makes more sense in the long run.

You Notice Spreading Damage

Just looking at the roof from the outside of your home won’t usually tell you the whole story. Damaged and missing shingles are great indicators of serious issues, but if you find mold growth or wood rot in your attic or water discoloration on your ceilings, then you not only need to get the roof replaced, you need to do so immediately.

You Would Like To Sell Your Home

A damaged or old roof is going to really scare away potential buyers. Replacing your roof before you put your home on the market accomplishes two things. First, you increase the overall value of your home. Second, you convince prospective buyers that you are someone who takes care of your home.

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