3 Reasons You Need a Roof Inspection in the Spring

Roof Inspection

3 Reasons You Need a Roof Inspection in the SpringWith spring comes resplendent flowers, warmer weather and – problems with your roof. Surprising? Sure, but Spring is the season when issues with a roof become obvious. There are three reasons you need roof inspection during the Spring.

Easier Roof Inspection

Since the winter months are gone, so is the cold, dark weather. This means that spring is perfect for doing an inspection of your roof. The weather is warmer and the days are longer. It is easy to view the roof in detail and do so safely. The entire roof including gutters and shingles must be inspected. You can do this yourself but you can also hire a roofing company to do it for you for a more detailed report.

Easier to Spot Damage

With the sun shining brightly it is easier to spot any damage to the roof. A professional roofer will clear the debris and leaves from the roof and gutters. This allows them to see any water damage, loose shingles, and other damage. Any wear that happened during winter is clear to see. Knowing what needs to be fixed lets you fix things before they get worse.

Easy to Schedule Repairs

Spring is perfect for getting any repairs done to a roof. The weather is good enough for the work to be done quickly and you can have the roof ready for the summer. This is when you need the roof to be in great repair so as to promote better energy efficiency throughout the house. You also won’t have to mar your summer vacation plans by needing the roof to be fixed during your time off.

Set Up A Roof Inspection Today

Winter is over. It is time to do maintenance around the house! The cold weather may have done a number on your roof but a spring inspection by a professional can spot it all and you can do something about fixing things now. Contact Southern Star Roofing now and schedule your roof inspection.

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