3 Essential Repairs for After-Storm Roof Damage

Roof Damage

hurricane and storms causing roof damage in Charlotte NCSummer and its unexpected storms have reared their ugly head and gave us Hurricane Florence.  Thankfully, Charlotte did not get hit as hard as the coast but many customers have contacted us for roof repairs or replacements based on the amazing amount of rainfall we all experienced.

There’s no telling when a massive storm might happen and shake your roof down to its deck in the month of October. That’s why keeping your eyes peeled and ready to investigate after-storm damages is necessary. Here in this article we’ll look into the top 3 essential repairs for after-storm roof damage.

The magnitude of the damage can vary according to how vicious the storm was and how well kept your roof has been. The key to initiating roofing repairs in these types of situations is to first wait until the storm has safely passed. Once the weather conditions are favorable, you can either scrutinize the damage yourself or, preferably, call in a professional to do a thorough inspection of your roof. Often times, the damage is inconspicuous and only an expert eye will be able to pick it up. But sometimes the injury sustained by your roof is loud and clear.

Roof Repairs After Roof Damage from a Storm

Look out for these top 3 signs of after-storm roof damage that should usher you into making prompt repairs.

#1: Broken or Missing Shingles

Shingles, no matter how good quality they are, are vulnerable to high pressure winds and stormy conditions. Asphalt shingles have a tendency to get cracked, broken or even carried away with the wind leaving behind only small debris or residue. If any of the above has happened to your roof, you’ll need to call for roof repairs squat.

Why? Because missing or inefficient shingles can leave the deck underneath exposed and this can cause major roofing leaks. Leaks can culminate dangerous roof damage that can compromise the entire structure of the roof and the protection it provides to your house.

Typically a certified roofer will check for any and all signs of shingle damage. This includes searching for missing pieces or debris which usually gets caught up in the gutters or exhaust pipes. Careful evaluation of each component of your roof after the storm has passed is critical.

It’s also a good idea to have a prophylactic inspection of your roof before the stormy season hits. Often it is the already compromised shingle that is broken first; well-maintained shingles will naturally suffer less insult.

#2: Leaks

Leaks are a particular threat to your roof health and it’s not uncommon to come across a leak after a bad weather has hit town. The first sign of a roof leak is usually a wet spot on your ceiling, particularly the ceiling of your attic. Other more tricky leaks can be picked up by a professional roofer during their inspection of your roof.

If you’ve discovered a leak on your roof, you should take immediate action in mitigating the damage before a team of qualified roofers arrives. This means you should remove any pools of stagnant water from your roof and temporarily fill in the cracks to avoid water from seeping through. Remember not to get too vigorous in your DIY repairing attempts! Roof leak repairs should be left to the experts!

#3: Clogged Drain Pipes

When a storm comes it brings with it leaves, sand, branches, bushes and even entire trees. That coupled with the debris of a broken shingle can accumulate and block the gutter pipes of your roof. A clogged gutter is definitely problematic and can predispose your roof of leaking. Make sure your roofs are properly unclogged or call in a professional to clean it for you!

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