Month: August 2022

New Roof Installation in Waxhaw

We finished this one up today (Saturday). Sometimes our homeowners want us to do the job while they’re home over the weekend. We try to accommodate their wishes the best we can. Another Happy Homeowner in Waxhaw, NC. We are

New Roof Installation in Ballantyne

Great way to wrap up the work week with this beautiful new roof installation located just outside of Charlotte in beautiful Ballantyne. We’re so grateful for all of our customers in Charlotte and all surrounding areas. We are Southern Star

New Roof Installation in Selwyn Community in Charlotte!

Just completed a beautiful roof installation in the Selwyn community of Charlotte. Our repeat customer is awaiting his custom copper gutters and downspouts that we’re slated to install in a couple of weeks. We love Charlotte. We love what we

New CertainTeed Roof in Concord, NC

Beautiful ranch home where we just installed a lifetime CertainTeed landmark architectural roofing system along with brand new 6” gutters and 3” x 4” downspouts. Black roof. Black gutters. SHARP! This insulation was completed in Concord, North Carolina today. 

New Roof Installation Planned in Rock Hill SC!

Just got ink this morning to re-roof this beautiful home in Rock Hill, SC. Even after 12 years in biz, wowing our customers never gets old and still very exciting to execute an experience they’ll remember. We are blessed. We

New Roof Installation in Waynesville NC!

Roof completed in Waynesville NC. Asheville branch. Our customer chose the beautiful weatheredwood shingle color. Another very happy customer that we’re grateful for. We are your Asheville roofers!

roof leakage Asheville

How to find a roof leakage quickly- Roof Leak Detection

Asheville Roof Leak Detection The roof is one the main pillars of any house, and it’s essential to take care of your roof as you take care of other parts of your house. Your roof needs care like a baby.

common roofing problems

Most Common Roofing Problems

Solving common roofing problems in Charlotte. Owning a house brings lots of problems. The home provides many benefits, such as security, shelter and comfort. When someone holds a place, he wants to make everything look perfect, whether it is the

unique roof designs

Unique Roofing Designs in Asheville

Southern Star Roofing Asheville Unique Roofing Designs. Serving Asheville, Charlotte, Greenville, and surrounding areas. When you build your home, you focus on its interior and exterior to make it look aesthetic, but you need a perfectly structured roofing exterior to

Early Morning Roof Installation in Mt. Ula NC!

Let’s get the day started. New construction install in Mt. Ula, NC! Guys showed up at 6:30am. Should be done at round 9:00am. “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while

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