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Archive for February 2019

Why Roof Warranties Matter

why roofing warranties matter

If you’ve ever gotten a roofing job done at your home, you know exactly how heavy it can be on your wallet. Roofing project is no small business. We’re talking about hours of work and effort with skill to top it all. Naturally the cost of any roofing job escalates. That’s where roof warranties come…

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Why Good Quality Roofing Materials Matter

why quality roofing materials is important

The sole purpose of your roof isn’t just to protect you against the sun; there is no sole purpose of the roof. Your roof acts as a guardian against all elements and therefore acts as a physical shield to your house below. Compromising on this guard will only cost you in terms of both actual…

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Things To Know About Your Roof Replacement

tips to make your roof last longer

There comes a time when the leaks on your roof, the cracked flashing and the missing shingles are beyond repair. If that time has come for you, you already know the drill: roof replacement. Roof replacement is a stressful project to embark upon for many homeowners and why shouldn’t it be? The thought of getting…

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Skylights – The Highs and the Lows

skylights, all you want to know

There’s a certain aesthetic appeal in light pouring through the ceiling of your home. It adds freshness to the entire atmosphere and it adds to the overall appeal of the house. But not everything about skylights needs praise. If you were considering getting a skylight installed, here are some things you should keep in mind…

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Modern Architectural Roofing Innovations

architectural roofing shingles

Roofs have evolved over the centuries and built with technology that was considered state-of-the-art in the particular time period. From straw roofs to asphalt to metal, we’ve certainly come a long way when it comes to roofing. The history of the architecture of roof has changed according to the needs of the human population at…

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Attic Ventilation

why attic ventilation is important

  There’s no second opinion that attic ventilation is necessary but how important is it really? If you’re like most people you don’t really think about attic ventilation or insulation until you actually go up to the attic. Even if this room is infrequently visited, its importance in ventilation and keeping your utility bills down…

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Before You Buy a House… Check Out the Roof!

tips to make your roof last longer

Moving to a new home is exciting and stressful amongst other things. It’s a busy process and one that requires an ample amount of energy and time put in. When you’re planning to buy a new house the inside of the house isn’t the only thing that you need to inspect to make a judgment.…

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Why Breathable Underlayment is Important

why underlayment is important

Roofs that are subjected to heavy rains and storms all through the year have to have extra layers of protection that roofs that don’t experience these weather conditions. As a homeowner your top priority is to make sure your roof lasts in its functioning state for a long time to cut down your repair and…

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Roofing Issues That Need Your Urgent Attention

roof repair or roof replacement

Roofs are subjected to all kinds of minor and major damages but not every kind of trauma prompts immediate and urgent repairs. Here in this blog post we’re discussing all the roofing problems that actually need your attention and cannot be ignored at any cost.   Your roof is the shield to your home; therefore…

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Roof Repairs – An Undeniable Part of Home-Improvement

why roof repair should be part of your home improvement priorities

Every once in a while a homeowner will embark on the road f home improvement. This umbrella term constitutes everything from renovating different parts of the house to making maintenance changes of the damaged areas. Sometimes an entire replacement might also be needed as part of this home improvement project. Before you pat yourself on…

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