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Archive for September 2018

3 Essential Repairs for After-Storm Roof Damage

Summer and its unexpected storms have reared their ugly head and gave us Hurricane Florence.  Thankfully, Charlotte did not get hit as hard as the coast but many customers have contacted us for roof repairs or replacements based on the amazing amount of rainfall we all experienced. There’s no telling when a massive storm might…

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Shingle Roof Facts Every Homeowner Should Know!

It’s common knowledge that shingle roofing is perhaps the most popular type of roofing in the United States. Statistics shows that around eighty percent of the houses in US are topped with this kind of roofing material. If this percentage is so large, you probably can’t go wrong with a shingle roof, right? Shingle Roof…

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Why Ignoring a Leak in Your Roof is a Bad Idea

Roofs suffer from a ton of different weather insults and it’s not uncommon to come across a leak or two in your roof once in a while. If your shingle roof is leaking, there’s no need to panic – it happens! But should you completely relax and wait for later or not at all to…

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Proper Roof and Attic Insulation for Your Home

Insulation makes a big part of your roof It’s that time of the year when homeowners start to think about saving and bundling up. That’s because not only is the winter season coming up ahead but also bundling home improvements and related services save money. One way to start this project is begin through your…

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Choosing between Shingle Repair and Replacement

There are times when your roof begs for a serious repairing schedule. This could be after a particularly bad storm has hit your hometown or when your roof is simply aging and needs more and more attention every passing day. Deciding between whether you need to call for roofing repairs or replacement is important to…

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Signs You Need a Roof Replacement ASAP

When it comes to roof damage, there are a couple of signs that are instant red flags for an entire replacement while others just demand a small repairing job. Some of the most cardinal signs for a roof replacement are listed here in this article so if you’ve ever encountered these key indicators, you need…

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