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Archive for August 2018

How to Properly Install a Skylight in Your Home

Installing a Skylight the Right Way Skylights have a way of adding a touch of aesthetics to your roof as well as provide some natural sunlight. Many homeowners opt for this option on their roof but there are few that are actually satisfied with their skylight. We’ve heard people complain of flashlights leaking and ruining…

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Repairing Damaged Shingles

How To Properly Repair Damaged Shingles Damaged shingles don’t always call for an entire roof replacement. More often than not, a problem in a single or multiple shingles can be cleared with the help of a professional roofer conducting the right repairs. If, however, your roof is decades old or has suffered from a traumatic…

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How to Make Sure Your Flashing Never Leaks

Tips to Ensure Your Roof Flashing Never Leaks One of the most commonest and recurrent problems homeowners come with is a faulty flashing. A faulty flashing shows signs of water leaking through the chimney or mold ruining the walls and the ceiling of the house. Intriguingly, fixing this solution is pretty straight forward: correct flashing…

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Fast Fixes for a Leaky Gutter

Tips to Address Fixing Your Leaky Gutters Suppose your house has just been hit by case of bad weather, cutting wind or a dangerous storm. You notice that your roof is fine and there are no leaks in the ceiling of your house but there’s still a considerable amount of water dripping down from the…

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Installing a Green Roof on Your Home

Tips How to Install a Green Roof The list of benefits of a green roof is endless: better rainwater management, energy conservation, insulation, reduction in noise and air pollution, increasing the life of your roof and many more. But while the concept of a green roof seems alluring, it’s not always achievable. Many homeowners will…

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The Right Way to Install Your Roof Shingles

The Recommended Way to Properly Install Roof Shingles There’s a standard way of installing the shingles on your roof no matter what material they are but roofers nowadays have constructed their own special tweaks to the standard method to make the installation more successful and your roof long-lasting. We’re all about good change and don’t…

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